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As a Truth- Seeker and a person who is committed to making a significant contribution to humanity, I am overjoyed to have been introduced to U Lab/U Theory through my neighbor. When I reflected on how to write a worthy review, I decided to read some of my "life- guiding notes". I found these questions and what I absolutely adore about U Lab is that it is the CATALYST for CHANGE and illuminates the gray and cloudy areas around one's Life's ASSIGNMENT. For example, I have been meditating deeply on the answers to the following questions: 1. What was my Original Call (Purpose, Vision, Assignment?) 2. What are the greatest passions of my Heart? (Specifically what have I been DESIGNED to do; to accomplish based on an inventory of my gifts, skills, talents, abilities, education, experiences, education, and interests) Think: What specifically makes you an SUV (Special, Unique, and Valuable)? 3.What have I been feeling God urging me to do, but I have been too intimidated, uncertain, or fearful to try? Well... U Lab sends us on an Incredible Deep Journey to/ of discovery and exploration to find the Answers... My heart is full of immense gratitude for the brilliance, dedication, insight, grit, vision, and wisdom of the entire U Lab/U Theory team...for creating these courses. I can't wait to see the personal transformation as I boldly take each step of this journey and into the unknown, but emerging future... =0)