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I am a high school English Literature teacher in Mexico City. I also am a professional student. My Literature studies were more focused on English Literature and I had never really had a course based on American Modern Poetry. It is the first course I have taken in Coursera and it has been wonderful. I wish I could devote more time to the classes yet with limited time I have been able to do the basic work and it has been amazing. Al is an excellent teacher, the course material is interesting and challenging and new to me. It is extremely well organized and it covers way more than it says it does. I like the way American culture is explained through poetry and how poetry is related to other art. Every week I think I have found a favorite poet and I am afraid I will have major ModPo withdrawal when the course is over. If you have any interest in poetry whatsoever or if you want to learn about poetry please take this course. It will be well worth your time!!!