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This is an excellent course and an adventure to be a part of. An absolute favorite for me in the MOOC universe. When I enrolled to the course I did not know, that it was such a long course and that it consisted of so many parts. But I decided to check the first part out, and I got hooked. Right now I am in the fifth part, and I do not want the course to end. Lucky it is a while left... I took a break during the third part, due to lack of time, and have then caught up again. New certification rounds follow after four months. All previous courses are open during the whole course, and for the best learning I think it is best to start from the beginning. The course starts in pre- historic times and studies China through different perspectives into our age. It is interesting, fun and in a creative, cozy atmosphere, delivered by an amazing team. It is an experience to be a ChinaXer, part of a global community and waiting for the week's Office hour and a new module. I can really, really recommend to hop in and start following ChinaX.