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If you have an interest in Calculus, this is the best course available, not only on the net, but probably also compared to most courses in universities. (disclosure not that I've ever been to a university course, but this course was better than any math class I've ever attended and that's no slight against my math classes). Nonetheless it's not for those uninitiated in Calculus. It also helps to be competent in high school level trigonometry, though not necessary. It is a difficult course and the 10-12 hour recommendation a week is a joke. If I did not browse the web every half an hour, it would take me about 4 hours a day to finish to course. That's perhaps not what it takes to pass it, if you want to barely pass you can put 10% of your effort to get more than the passing 50% of the grade. With 100% being 8 hours a day. So I put about 40% of conceivable effort. I still have a life. But putting in minimum effort would be a waste considering what the course has to offer. It is a joy to watch the video lectures. Even if you don't really get what's going on it's still fun to watch the excellent animations. With a discussion forum that started out strong and is still retaining it's most involved students, homework sets that has a range of questions for most difficulty levels and a wiki that iterates over the content in the video lecture, with an enough time investment you'll get there. Be warned it starts out with difficult material. Hang in there and you'll get to differentiation and integration which is much easier, especially since you might have encountered some of the material elsewhere. Even if you are a master at single-variable calculus, there is probably something the lectures have to teach you. Most importantly prof g makes you feel cared for. That's no easy task in an MOOC. The TA staff is also excellent. Most of the open questions in the forums will be answered by them. I imagine that it'll be hard to sustain the same level of involvement from prof g, even though it is an essential part of the course. So get it while it's hot. Also you might encounter some very smart peers who will make short work of even the most challenging problems. Gives you something to aspire to. When you've done the course be sure to thank prof g and the TA.