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After I just got admitted to the 1st semester of B.Sc. Geography (Honours) I found cartography is part of my 1st Semester syllabus and GIS comes in later in the 4th Semester ,so, I decided to take this course in Maps and the Geospatial Revolution with Course Instructor Dr.Anthony C. Robins.This was my first post "A" level course and I was a little apprehensive as to how it would be , will I be able to follow the course lectures and so on.As the course unfolded I realized Professor Robinson's video lectures were very painstakingly prepared so that it was easily understood by even the GIS uninitiated like me , at the same time it was mature enough for those who were familiar with the subject. The course is basically interactive so participants can get their concepts straightened out at every bend and turn. For me, the uninitiated student, this course gave me an insight into the possibilities in the realm of Geospatial applications and techniques. It is a very carefully planned foundation course which cannot be found in books and the internet alone. The accompanying lecture texts along with maps and diagrams compliments the course and makes the lectures self-explanatory. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Course era and to Penn State University for very kindly providing me financial aid without which it would never have been possible for me to take this course.