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I love this course! It´s a new way in the in the concept of e-learning and a powerful tool in our comprenhension of China, this great and enigmatic nation which ruled a big part of Asia, and perhaps, in a not to long time, the world. Thank you, professors for your quality and good will. Your classes are very didactid and your class material is excellent! I´m having e - courses in other American and non American Universities, but yours is better! I´m not a history expert, only an interested person in our past and societies, but I can recognize excellence, and you are. I have no dislake about the course, I´m happy learning each day a lot of more. I don´t know if I´m going to be succesfull (earn 75%), but it´s a grat experience. It´s a g pleasure for me discover what Harvard is! Sorry for my spanglish. I try and I´ll try to do my best!