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Positives: 1) Grading system for final exam is more relevant for MOOCs where the identification is problematic. You don't know which questions you answered right, which answers you got wrong, whereas you can see your total score, and right answer are released after the deadline. IMHO, this grading system can be ameliorated further, so that a courserian cannot see his/her final score until the deadline. This may significantly diminish the scope of fraud or cheating. 2) Submitting transcripts along with subtitles deserves appreciation. Personally, in previous courses I saw only subtitles. 3) In compare with "Think Again", this course was more practical. Almost all weeks were like a workshop. Negatives: 1) Lectures were too short. Or too much information for 2-minute lectures. It would be better if the lecturers use small smart boards (that is used in several other courserian courses) while explaining something. 2) It is a pity that two courses on argument, namely "Think Again" and "Critical Thinking in Global Challenges" on argument overlapped. 3) In compare with "Think Again", this course was less informative.