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I mistakenly thought this was a general course in design, not an industrial design course, so I was initially stymied by my lack of skill and resources for creating material objects. Around week 3, I thought I might not be able to complete the course. Then, I switched my project to something I was currently working on (dealing with web and graphic design) and was able to continue. I felt that the course could use some adjustment in terms of the drawing exercises early in the semester. The exercises seemed much too simple for the design professionals taking the course, and they were much too difficult for those of use without much training in drawing. I could have benefitted from an entire course in technical drawing. Although I understood the points that the TA, Amy, made in her drawing lectures, it was quite impossible for me to master these skills in such a short time frame. On a more positive note, the lectures were quite clear and illuminating. I particularly found benefit in exercises like the "concept selection matrix". These skills are useful for anyone who needs to justify creative or intuitive work to a committee. All in all, I found that the course helped give me vocabulary and validation for concepts that I already understood intuitively. I'm not sure that my project's results would have been much different if I had not taken the course, but the course gave me a lot to think about.