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The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future, taught by Professor Jacob L. Wright of Emory University for Coursera, is absolutely fantastic. Before going into this course, I knew a fair amount about the Bible, but this course gave me a whole new perspective on the Bible. Professor Wright's lectures were clear, well organized, packed with interesting information, and highly engaging. Professor Wright's passion for his subject came through strongly -- and was contagious! Besides his own lectures, Professor Wright frequently included interviews with other experts in areas related to our studies, adding other engaging voices to his own. Professor Wright also frequently interacted with us students through a weekly Office Hours video, through Google Hang-Out sessions, and through frequent interactions on the class Facebook page. Professor Wright also included a wealth of supplemental reading material for further study. This was a great gift! The level of posts in the Discussion Forum was usually sophisticated and thoughtful. With a topic related to the Bible, there will always be some students who are insistent on promoting their religious views, but this was kept to a minimum and I found that this contingent actually diminished as the course progressed. When I see that Professor Wright is offering another Coursera course, I will want to Jump to take it! A huge thank-you to Professor Wright!