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Some in the class seemed to take real issue with the structure as compared to other MOOCs, but I learned a lot from the lectures. Each week centered around a different historic event and the coverage it received by the media and how this shaped our perception of said events. He uses both photography and video to make his case, along with a solid grounding in the history of each event. As a photographer, I found it fascinating to know just how many images are manipulated in context or physically altered to deliver propaganda messages. The assignment structure was one of the main reasons I finished the course, there was flexibility in doing most of the quizzes, just get them done by the end of the course period. This helped me a lot, as one of the main problems I have in completing courses is ill fitting time requirements that interfere with life outside of "school". The instructor made some adjustments during the course in response to user comments, so I'd imagine next offering will only get better. Would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about mass media.