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I have some background in DAWs and recording software. I liked that the course was coming from a more "sound design" perspective. However, continual mistakes in dates used to open the assignments and the evaluation of assignments (e.g., evaluation periods opened and closed at the same time on the same date) resulted in the course lasting longer than it was supposed to. This was due to how long it took us to get someone to notice the problem and fix it, resulting in backing up the eval dates. In fact, the course went into "Grading in Progress" mode before we had been allowed to evaluate the final assignment. But even more irritating than that was the fact that no one--neither the staff of the school nor the staff of Coursera-- responded to forum posts to let us know what was going on. I have taken numerous MOOC courses and this was, in comparison, very disorganized and unprofessional. I think it has the potential to be a great course, but it needs serious attention. I wouldn't discourage anyone from taking it as long as they understood that they were in for a certain level of frustration and what one might call shabby treatment