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There are two elements that I was quite happy to see and one suggestion. a) I like the thematic approach. There was the big picture then each element of that subset was explained by video podcast, a realistic example, practice and quiz questions. b) There was a second tract for practitioners called Coursera Operations Project (COP). This allowed those working in the field to put into practice what was academically being taught. Real assignments were submitted then feedback was provided by peer review. The papers that I reviewed were quite good. Who would imagine that a MOOC could do something such as this... the professor raised the MOOC academic bar! Suggestion COOP Peer review. It is good when peers add comments. Though this takes time, it is a value added effort. A current course that I am taking through Coursera, Introductory Physics I with Laboratory, through Georgia Tech, has an elaborate approach. Peers grade the video lab reports and the grading process earns the peers points. But, before peer reviewers grade lab reports, they must first calibrate their grading skills, based on a rubric, and on papers pre-graded by the instructional staff. This takes considerable effort as there are two practice, two calibration, then finally five papers to grade. Maybe some ideas from Georgia Tech could improve the peer review process in ops management.