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Dear Al, and all the Knights of the Round Table-- (too flowery?). Simply mean that the close reading and "Via translating" you do is like a quest. Al says bring me back the golden-dirty fleece and you do! Your love of the process, the demandingness, and the ferment of 20th century poetry is infectious and always stimulating. I learned so much--much more than was explicitly taught! Thank you for your heroic hard work and wonderful minds. You are truly full of Eunoia and we felt it. This is just to say: (And stealing a paraphrase to say it) The thing that I'll remember 20 years from now, is that you showed, lived and taught us that even in this fatigued and battered world, art (language) can still express an uncanny and sublime thought. You lived it, showed it, proved it. Kelly House is a type of hidden, historical Paris/Venice/ Village. Will really miss the weekly meetings. Thanks. Will spread the word. *********** (To answer the rest--this is my first on-line course. The website is incredibly supportive and user friendly. Even challenging content was very successfully conveyed--but I expected to not track everything because of my lack of poetry background. Perhaps a survey course in 2oth century history in Europe and America would give a little more context for the artistic movements underway and be a good preparation. Also, having some students of color at the table would be good.)