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This was my second MOOC, and I think I have been very lucky. Both classes I took were on a high level and certainly well worth the time spent. I was afraid that peer grading would feel unfair, but it actually worked very well, and reading other students' assignments absolutely added to my learning. I liked that this course gives an important background on the development as well as recent history of comics (mostly in the United States, but also in Europe), and it focuses in how every page is vital to the process of reading and staying interested in the story. I learned a lot about the pacing of a story, using both visual and textual elements, by analysing (in the assignments), listening (to the video lectures) and reading the thoughts of others (in comics, assignments, and the discussion forums). In a sense, this is a class about visual storytelling, one page at the time. ... And I'm also happy that I know more about the person behind the Bechdel test, and some of her other influences on history.