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This is a great course, accessible to students who have only school Mathematics but invaluable for teachers of Mathematics to improve their teaching. Keith Devlin is a wonderful teacher. Being taught by Dr. Devlin is a real joy. He is inspiring and challenging, he has a great sense of humour and at all times he is directly communicating to the learner. In the course videos one very soon forgets that this is a MOOC and it feels like being in a small class or workshop. His style is engaging and informal, while at the same time presenting rigorous mathematical material. His focus is on the learning process and he takes students through the material with an emphasis on learning itself, as much as learning new material. He, and the community TA’s are actively involved in the forums while at the same time encouraging students to participate in the forums and learn from each other. The problem sets are well paced, with exercises prior to the problem sets that allow students to discuss issues before working on the submitted problem sets. I really enjoyed doing this course and although the material was not too much of a problem for me (I am a teacher) I have learned a lot about teaching in this course and have now integrated some of Dr. Devlin’s style into my own teaching.