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The content of this course is great; not too difficult, not too stupid, just the right way to start learning JavaScript. About TreeHouse... well, I'm a "real world" student so I get all their library for less than 110$/year. I pay a lot more for University in Italy, getting a fraction of what Treehouse offers. But I want to spend just a few more word about Dave (the instructor). Teaching something through video is not as easy as it looks: you don't know who's watching you, what things the student already knows, what level of English he has (if, like me, English is not his native language), and so on. The risk of explaining something too fast, speaking too fast, not underlining a concept enough etc. is just around the corner. I'm giving 5 stars to Dave because: - I have never pause-play a video, even if I was working in the workspace at the same time - I turned on captions, but I simply never used it - I never felt confused in a code challenge - Finally, and most importantly, there's an entire video where Dave explain when we get "true" and when we get "false" in a comparison. Ok, it could seem exceeding for someone, but in this video I really saw Dave's intention not to leave a student behind. And I really appreciate this.