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Prior Experience: I have 5 years experience in management as Producer/Project Manager, and an academic introduction to operations, but not a specific experience or knowledge in Operations Management. Comparison to other courses: Highly Analytical, Model based, Number based It is not important the number of students who enrolled, completed the course or the final: what is important is how learned the ones who attended learned, and how much they will benefit from it in their personal and professional life, what people with Operations Management training will be able to do in the world. According to me, that will be a lot, this is the most relevant metric of such a course. Liked: Professor's passion about the topic and effort to establish links to real business world situations Practical applications and potential benefits of Operations Management Guidance in solving exercises: the homework review videos were very helpful Disliked: "Flat" teaching style: the professor put efforts to introduce some external contents in the lectures, but the overall sensation is a very limited variation: in other words the teaching style is never other than a presentation of information, while memory benefits a lot from inputs other than text and numbers, like and visuals and fun. Slightly high focus on numbers: they are necessary, but I am sure Operations in a company can be significantly improved even without analyzing in detail all the steps of the processes and other metrics.