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I have in Greece taken courses on Creative Writing and on Editing, organised by the Greek National Book Center. But this course is a lifetime experience that i could not possibly compare to any other courses, relevant or non- relevant to the subject of Modern Poetry. First of all I would like to praise the effort of the professor Al Filreis, who is an inspiration to all of the students and in particular to me. He has the qualities of a great teacher. He is organising the class and the themes in such a way, that a student can not miss anything of the videos, the assignements, the quizzes. He is so passionate about Poetry that he transfuses all this passion and love to me. He is always present, ready to answer all questions, comment on our posts. He is the kind of teacher that rather than offering a one man show, he shows the way to his students, makes one think and go into a deeper analysis of all subjects. Although some of us are far away from other countries he constantly makes us feel as if we belong to a class, to the community of ModPo. All his students and partners are excellent, taking part in our forums. Taking part in this class is a life-changing experience, learning so much, going far beyond in thought and reading.