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As I mentioned I was not out of the subject before tacking this course, but during these lectures I discovered new topics with direct impact in my work. I liked very much the teaching style, the teacher deep knowledge of subject and the very cursive live (from memory ) presentation. The content was very easy to learn because all topics was in the right place, and very important, they was very effective explained and demonstrated. The most important thing that I liked very much was the brilliant idea to choice a self paced timing style; It was really the definitive advantage due to the condition of being hired during courses, so any time pressure could be an impediment in earning certificates. I am very glad for the opportunity to take this course, and having many other experiences in online courses I think is very appropriate the actual presentation form. During this course, my imagination was very stimulated so I developed a UML method to draw very effective theta queries (from Relational Algebra course) and to generate real SQL scripts from such a diagram. If somebody interested in the subject of UML diagramming of theta queries I could send a presentation. Thank you very much Jenifer, Your Faithfully,