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I'm Mazira Mohd Zain, Currently i'm working as a Language officer and was promoted early of this year as a Language Head of Department. I'm pursuing my Phd at UPM in Tesl from 2009-2012 but differ within 2 years because of workload at Education Department. Then, now im continuing my study again at OUM, in EdD, Doctor of Education in Language and Education. My focus is e-learning/distance learning to enhance teaching and learning effectively. .I have read a few of your studies (research /journals or articles, it was so fantastic prof, i'm really proud of you and inspired me to struggle hard to finish my study. But, the superb thing was i attended the seminar/conference at UKM recently and i could see your thought/ideas were very dynamic. i'm pretty sure there are so many people who are thinking like me, to be an idol in education or expertise in the field you have takenis not so easy but to judge or criticise other works are easier for them which will demotivate our educators to do their study/research or journal but in other positive way if we could give our ideas on how improve/recommendations it is more incredible job!!! i really need your guide as well as sharing with the others, collaborative and communicative which will enhance best practices in teaching and learning which will be in part of my life to get better students outcomes.