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As someone who has taken a lot of online CS courses, this is definitely one of my favorites. The professor is fantastic (he grows on you as the course goes on), and the format is perfect. Lots of short segments with interactive quizzes, problems, etc. Because you're constantly answering questions or writing code, it would be almost impossible to make it through the course without really learning the material. It's important to understand what you'll get out of this course though. Some of the negative reviews are from people who were expecting one thing and got something else. The course isn't a Python course. It uses Python, and you'll learn a lot about it, but the professor intentionally keeps things simple with regards to the language itself. The course is also not so much about computer science as it is about logic and problem solving. Many of the problems you'll have to solve (especially the optional bonus problems) really are very challenging, even if the code you end up writing is only a few lines. After completing this course I found myself thinking more clearly and solving problems in more elegant, simple ways than I was before. If you're looking to learn more of the low-level details about computer science I'd recommend a course like Harvard's CS50 (which is excellent, but very different). But to gain a really solid foundation on how to program well I'd recommend this course over any other.