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Having no prior experience with operations management, I decided to take An Introduction to Operations Management (April 2013). The main learning outcome of the course is to teach the student a set of quantitative models centered on each of the 4 elements of operating performance (Time, Variety, Quality, and Cost). Examples of tools encountered include process time measurement, Takt time, analysis of the impact of setup times, waiting models, loss models, and Six Sigma calculations. There was also a parallel path to do an in-class project based on a problem the student faces at work, etc. I did not go down that path, so this review is only for the lecture/quiz/exam portion of the class. What was good: The professor did a fantastic job of introducing many useful models. He explained them clearly and thoroughly, without being dry or boring. There were plenty of practice problems for each of the models (1 lecture review set of problems, 1 practice problem set, 1 real problem set). What I'd change: I'd like the course to be a bit longer (2 weeks per operating objective) with more time spent applying the models to slightly more challenging examples. But that's basically just asking for more of a good thing. Overall: fantastic course to teach you the "greatest hits" of operations management. You'll need to buy the textbook or more advanced texts to drill deeper, though.