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This was my first MOOC, so I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Professor Dan McFarland is a very engaging, knowledgeable tutor who teaches with great attention to detail in explaining the fairly vast subject that is organizational analysis. Ten models/theories were taught. Numerous video lectures supplied the main thrust of the teaching. These were interspersed with quizzes to ensure knowledge retention. At the end of each week more quizzes were expected to be completed. We were also supplied with a considerable amount of reading material, but the readings were optional. A very active forum was provided where many students raised and commented upon the many topics within the course. After each week, Professor McFarland added 'screenside chats' where he would expound upon forum contributions which caught his eye. I took the basic stream of the course, which meant completing quizzes and the final exam at the end. A more advanced stream required the completion of papers on topics, and peer reviewing the same from other students. The only fly in the ointment to the whole course was the loss of wireless connection I experienced whenever I did the quizzes. This was probably due to the huge number of people hitting the server during the video lectures, and being eight time zones away (a lot of hops). Whether you are a manager, a postgraduate or just a curious layman like myself, overall I would highly recommend a MOOC, especially this one. Kudos Professor McFarland!