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Professor Kuskin's Comic Books and Graphic Novels is excellent and by far one of the best courses I have ever taken either online or offline. I took this course to rekindle my interest in this medium both as a consumer and potential creator. As someone with only an average knowledge of the subject I found that the information provided expanded upon this and took my interest to the next level. The Professors well presented video lectures show a deep passion and understanding of the subject whilst providing easily accessible information to both the novice and the most experienced enthusiast. To fully benefit from the course and complete the assignments I would recommend putting in the hours, especially for the comic book assignment. It does say that it is 3-4 hours per week but if you consider additional study, assignments and subsequent peer evaluations you need to at least double that. You have to put the work in to appreciate this course but it is an experience well worth undertaking. That is not to say you can't take the course if you only have the minimum hours available it is still worth starting. I would certainly consider taking any other course provided by Professor Kuskin and TEAM ZERO plus will most certainly be keeping an eye out for any follow on courses.