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This was my first MOOC and I had no previous knowledge in business which is why I found this course challenging at times. Also, I did not spend much time researching outside course material and video lectures provided otherwise one could easily spend more than 15 hours a week. I hardly spent any time on discussion forums (other than posting my analysis of case studies) which would take additional time and so I may have lost my chances to learn from peers. Said that, I did find reading material and video lectures pretty interesting and captivating. Prof. Lenox explained the concepts pretty well and now I am inclined to buy the complete book from which the chapters and lectures were derived. I did learn quite a bit but I consider these courses as starting points and not complete courses which is why I am inclined to further my knowledge reading the entire book by Prof. Lenox. All in all this is a great course and I enjoyed doing the final project as well. Looking forward to my Certificate of Accomplishment!