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It has been sometime since I completed this course on its initial run so my recall will inevitably be weak and also full disclosure I was on the mentoring team on its last run. My abiding memory is that +++if you want an introduction to corpus linguistics (CL) do this course!+++ The quality of the CL team is tremendous. From my point of view as someone who had some experience of CL beforehand some of the content needed tweaking in terms of what I would have liked to have seen more of. Having said that the third round included some marvelous features such as 6 months access to a world leading commercial corpus tool, maybe for the next run this will be 12 months access : ). The FutureLearn interface also needs some tweaking e.g. a search feature would be handy. Saying all this I will still be enrolling on the next run to see what changes will have been effected : )