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This was my first MOOC course. My first math course at undergraduate level. The videos and lecture materials cover the introductory areas of linear algebra thoroughly. The first 8 weeks covers the basics of vector and matrix operations, and LU factorization. The last 4 weeks cover subspaces, QR factorization, eigen vectors /diagonalization amongst other things. Last 4 weeks need quite a bit of investment in time. I made a mistake of rushing through at first and getting stuck later on. Since I was weak in set theory, I took another MOOC course-- 'Introduction to mathematical thinking'. Also, I watched the 3BLue1Brown videos on linear algebra to getter better geometric understanding of vector spaces. After that I was able to grasp the contents of Week 9-12 thoroughly. In reality the lecture materials and videos cover the areas well and you do not need other resources if you invest enough time to absorb the content. Additional materials are available especially in the enrichment section. I felt the assessments were easy. I wish they were more challenging. All in all this is a gem of a course. Highly recommended!