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From reading the other reviews, I appear to be in the minority, since I did not like this class. It is sort of like a bad movie, if you find that after the first week you are finding it uninteresting, you should drop it, it will not get better. I stayed for the entire course, but that was a mistake. The lectures were dull and rambling, perhaps because they were composed of too much information that did not seem to have a specific point. The focus seemed to be on presenting a multitude of information, much of which is unproven(theory) or un-provable, since the answer to most questions is "maybe". The tests often used a format/technique of picking out the most true or least true sentences from a set of choices - I did not find this instructive, only frustrating since it required listening to the lectures repeatedly to try and find the phrase that would provide a hint to the answer. A textbook for this course might have been helpful.