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The myth as the basis of the heroic element operates in the dimension of the eternal. It is timeless, universal, and a complete tendency. It consists of a prototype, a model of action and behavior of primary thought, that is to say, before the beginning, the founding of the beginning. It is an archetype capable of capturing the human spirit. The investigator must examine this archetype through a labyrinth of confusing and contradictory ideas, which it is certain were distorted through the ages, to reveal a bright truth. This thread of Ariadne, the one and only tradition through time and place, as a revelation and a gift to mankind, was passed down through the ages. The rendering of important meaning the the Greek language gave to us, the cosmogenic, theological, and scientific penetrated and will continue to penetrate that obstacle. The beauty and the harmony of the Odyssean Greek spirit will be the bearer of mankind's bright attempt to live the substance of life with all that it is. The path of the hero is an inexplicable reality that doesn't follow the laws of logic or the senses. In order to understand it we must go beyond ourselves. The time has com when reality is confused with fantasy, the visible with the invisible, the human with the divine. The time has come that reality will push logic to go beyond, given that we can give up our previous notions and accept the new notions and realities as offered up by the muses.