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I took this class in Nov/Dec 2013 through Coursera. Overall, the course was both informative and also a disaster for those like myself who sought a Certificate of Accomplishment. Pros (what was good): I gained a framework to better understand the US healthcare system, better appreciating the perspectives of the four main players: patients, payers, providers, and public health. I grappled with what in healthcare is important to me -- and what is not -- in doing the "CHAT" exercises. It involved allocating (effectively rationing) scarce healthcare resources. For example, is more comprehensive primary care more valuable to you than cutting edge specialty treatments? You can't have them both. (Clearly, there is no "right" answer, just your answer.) For all of this, five of five stars. Kudos Dr. Davis and staff. Cons (the disaster): Grading took months, not weeks, and I and many others (judging from the discussion boards) received failing grades (66.7%) even though we dutifully did all of the assignments. Assignments were ungraded. My grade of 66.7 suggests that they lost track of one of my three assignments. I guess. Who knows? If you want a Statement of Accomplishment, don't get your hopes up! Moreover, it would be crazy to pay money to take this class on Signature Track. For this disaster, zero of five stars. Final grade: 2.5 stars. P.S. It is possible that Dr. Davis / U Michigan / Coursera might fix this situation (grades were finally released today, months late), but I am not optimistic. EDIT -- READ THIS TOO: Coursera / U Michigan / Dr. Davis and company did address the problem, and did fix the grading, so that I and many others (judging from the class discussion forums) received the proper grade. Hurray!! Therefore, with this problem fixed, I am changing my overall rating to 5 stars.