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Likes: * Teaching math via programming is right up my alley. I hope to find more courses that do the same. * Prof and staff were active in the forums. * It seems that most of the grader problems reported during previous sessions have been sorted out. There were still a few outstanding issues, but staff was quick to either fix them or suggest a way around them. * Lots of exercises Dislikes: * Videos. The prof stands in front of the PowerPoint and reads from the slides. I'm not typically one to skip the lectures and read the course notes, but I found there was little reason to watch the videos in the end. * Provided Python modules. I often found them frustrating to work with. As an example, the vector and matrix classes include labels for their columns and rows. This adds extra overhead when creating and manipulating those objects – if you want to multiply a matrix M by a vector v, i.e. M*v, not only does vector v need to have the same number of rows as M does columns, as one would expect, but the labels of the rows of v have to match the labels of the columns of M. There never seemed to be any payoff for this added complexity. Suggestions: * I think there's a missed opportunity for visualisations. There are lots of compelling examples of linear algebra applications in 2-D and 3-D that could be rendered to the screen. * Drop the column/row labels for matrices and vectors.