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15 years of experience with Java development. I would progress on algorithms. I found that the assignment lack of tooling in comparaison with others courses. * No code provided : for example the interface we have to implements and some basic test cases to pass with our first implementations * Others course provide 'submit' mechanism and do not required to do a zip manually with only the assignment class code (and nothing else). I really dislike that I can't respect Java standards : * Unable to do JUnit tests because we can't enrich our code with new methods. We should only have to implements the required interface, and respect this interface why remove errors with new methods ? (in java test classes need to have a default access to method under tests) * necessity to have out class in the default package. This leads to unusual errors as Java has not been design in this way and discourage to do that. * I don't like to have a lot of error due to not respect the course source code standards. Why should I have the same places for brackets, accolade or parenth├Ęse. * Usage of an unknown Java editor in place of classique standard IDE like Eclipse, IntelliJ or NetBeans. It has been quite hard to hand made a 'standard' environment. I drooped this course because I spent to much time to deal with surprising requirements instead of focusing on algorithms. Even parts of the lesson are really interesting.