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This was my first Coursera experience, and I'm pretty certain I couldn't have picked a better one. The material covered is extensive, and provides information about developing a literary approach to comics as well as a history of comics. There's also some interesting insights into the comic book community, too. Professor Kuskin is engaging and clearly loves his subject, which is a joy for anyone who has ever sat through a lecture from a bored, disinterested academic who wants to be anywhere but the lecture hall. He brings the comics to life and provides valuable insights into why comics are more than just superhero stories for nerds. The workload isn't light; it is a rigorous course with two essays and two lecture tests, and a draw-your-own- comic task towards the end. They are all worth completing, but be aware that this isn't a course that will require minimal effort. It's a great course that will give you a good mental workout. Thoroughly recommended.