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IN A NUTSHELL: This MOOC has excellent content, but the weaknesses of the Coursera platform undermine it. DETAILS: I was able to complete fairly enjoyable 7 weeks out of the scheduled 10 weeks of this course before health reasons forced me to opt out of weeks 8, 9, and 10. Some specific points: 1) The blurb for the course says it's meant not just for math majors, but for anyone interested in logic; however I'm not so sure about this, given that the focus is entirely on applying logic in a mathematical context, i.e. to proofs. 2) You'll want a good background in high school algebra, especially factoring, to do well in the final weeks, which are somewhat more math-intensive. 3) The instructor, Keith Devlin, has said he will no longer be involved; this may or may not pose a problem in getting good mentors in future. Mentors are very important to this content! 4) The revised Coursera platform lacks features, especially with the forum - no preview, no in-forum alerts, etc. 5) A big problem with Coursera is that students can race ahead as they please; this makes forum participation more erratic since not everyone is in the same week of content anymore. ecommendation: To get the most out of the strong video & homework content, you might want to have arrange for your own outside study group or mentor.‚Äč