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So far I have completed seven or eight courses on Coursera, and although I have enjoyed them all very much, Discrete Optimization by Pascal van Hentenryck is my absolute number one!! The course is tough, time consuming but great fun and very rewarding. The professor and his team have done a great job preparing this course and actively monitor the discussions on the forum. Time and again they give warnings that this course is intended to be hard. In one of the first videos the prof wears a builders helmet and gives yet another warning: "this is not a lecture, this is WORK!!" A very passionate teacher he is. Discussing the assignments on the forum is encouraged, the honour code being less strict. If you have a background in maths and programming and are willing to settle for an 'ordinary' statement of accomplishment, it need not be so hard and time consuming at all. But if you want 'with distinction' - that's when the hard work begins. And then there is this thing called the 'leader board' where you can see how your fellow students are doing on the assignments. If you want your name on the top of that list... This is one of these very special courses where you will be sad when it's over.