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Excellent course for the right person with the right expectations. I already have degrees in this subject, but haven't really used that knowledge in several decades, so this course was a nice refresher and update for me. And since I work as a programmer, it's not like getting the programming assignments done was a burden for me. Warning: Prof. van Hentenryck is trying to cover a huge field in a relatively short time, so his presentation tends to be rushed. In the process, he mentions things seemingly casually, almost in passing, that are, in fact, quite important. One thing I agonized over, eventually figuring out what I needed to do to make progress on one assignment, turned out to be a partial remembering/recreation of something in my own notes that I'd since mostly forgotten. He hadn't laid out the reasoning or importance quite enough for it to stick in my head, I guess. It was a bit of a challenge, at the time, but having worked through it myself in the face of a real problem, I came away certain to remember the relevant concepts, and their importance, forever.