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A pen pal of mine asked me to join her in taking this poetry course.When she told me this online course was free I could not believe it.Especially since the course was from the U of Penn.I gladly joined my friend.I had the usual course nervousness,but the nerves went away when I saw the course videos of Professor Al Filreis & his TA's. I learned so much & enjoyed the poem discussions.The writing of the essays became easier as the course progressed.What amazes me the most is that Professor Al knew students by name & what s/he wrote on FB or in the forums.He went out of his way along with Julia,Chris & others to make sure I received my certificate & I did.This MOOC course formed groups of students from all over the world.The students became very close.& I made two local friends.Can one imagine this occurring from an online course of over 30,000 students? Professor Al Filreis kept me engaged & although I have had poetry course before;I didn't know how to close read a poem.For the last essay of the course ,I wrote a poem.I was surprised to receive my best reviews.I haven't shared my own poems before. This course helped me to share my writing as others did too. Thank you Professor Al for a poetry course I will never forget.I may even take again.Thank you