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Firstly my background: Been a programmer for 20 years on various platforms. I know enough java to get things done and this is my first formal course on the Android Platform. The good: Great overview of all the main classes you'll be using in creating an Android App. All the examples used in the videos are available for download. The bad: As said in "The good", its just an overview. You don't go into any detail of any of the components. The lecturer just drones through the very verbose slides and doesn't make them interesting. I eventually resorted to fast forwarding the videos to double speed! Too many videos have be watched in a week. Then 1 assignment is used to test the basics of some of the classes mentioned the lecture. They seemed to focus on quantity rather than quality. How it could be improved. # Make the course longer, reduce the number of videos per week # For each topic, have a dedicated assignment for that topic to help solidify the concepts learnt for that topic. This helps re-inforce what is just learnt, instead of wading through a few hours of lectures and then doing an assignment at the end. # It started off well with diagrams on Activity Lifecyle. The rest just became monotonous very wordy slides. # They just barely skim the surface of a concept and then move on # The assignments are just about filling in a couple of lines of code in their predefined locations denoted by their TODO comments in the skeleton source code. Nobody ever learnt anything by filling in code via TODO statements. Conclusion: I had a lot of excitement for the Android platform prior to starting this course. I would have dropped the course but I paid for the signature track up front, so I'm reluctant to simply throw my money away. I've done many courses in my 20 year programming history and I have to say this one is forgettable. You will most likely get more value from another course or by picking up a book and doing it the old fashioned way. Sorry for the negative review. I realize it must be a mammoth task to package a course of such a rich framework in just a 2 months. Be that as it may, this is my perception having done the 80% of the course so far. A mentioned I think that is the very problem: you can't condense a course of this nature into 2 months.