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The course indeed was a reminder of what i dont know in Accounting though i have never been an accountant and being a Project / Program Manager, the amount of information available that was not used during the execution of the project. Prof. Narasimham was great in explanation of he concepts of the subject, however when it went into the Excel data upload and working i could not follow the stream because i used to go hunting around for the data and by the time i had found it, the discussion moved ahead, towards the end, i started loosing track and could not complete the Chapter / Weekly grades. Edx has been very stringent and they are not willing to give an additional 2-3 hours to help me completed, irrespective of you being a Paid / Free Student. I feel the subject should be flexible for Non-Accounting based students or for first time accounting. the course however provide lots of information on Accounting which used effectively can help the Project Managers / Program Managers in the daily execution of projects and their budgets. I am trying to implement them one by one