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I enjoyed the course very much. The course content was excellent. The videos and the materials were all very useful. The course helped us to get an insight into how and what the interviewers expect from the candidates. The presenters were equally good. The exercises given at the end of each week helped to brush our knowledge further. Our knowledge of grammar was enriched. We learnt many collocations also. The review helped us further to find out if we had missed out any course or not, which of course was a good attempt. I think all the students have benefited from this course. But unfortunately, I couldn't complete the course due to some network problems towards the end of the course. I am really feeling bad about it. I wish I could complete it. Any ways I am looking forward to the next part of this course. I take this opportunity to thank EDX for teaching me a lot that would be useful to my students also and would also like to thank my peers for their useful discussions.