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I liked the lectures and read through the transcripts just to make sure I didn't miss out on anything. Personally I feel the course could have been completed in 2 - 3 weeks if several topics had not been stretched out so much. Also I thought the mapping assignments were very poorly designed and difficult to do. From an ergonomic and visual POV, they were a pain. I had to keep on flipping between the extremely verbose instructions and the less than appealing GUI of the external map providers (ESRI, ARGCIS, etc). I would have preferred this to have been shown as another video so that I could digest the information in one shot without having to constantly lose focus by shifting from instructions to map and back. Doing problems by oneself is good in Maths but for using a tool, simple spoon-feeding would have been better. To judge if someone really understood how to use those map tools, simple questions could have been included in the weekly quizzes. I feel bad being so negative about this one sore point I have and I would like to thank the course makers for the huge amount of knowledge I gained by going through this course. I completed all quizzes albeit after the hard deadline. Thanks to my OCD I did not skip even those painful mapping assignments :-P !