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I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about graphs and other advanced data structures. The course is really well planed and has an incredible starter code to work on. I would like to address one thing mentioned in some reviews: since the authors were focused on creating the best possible resources for the main topic of the course (and they did it remarkably well), some other data structures used in graphs (such as HashSet and PriorityQueues) seemed poorly covered, and hence it seemed there is a lack of resources for the course. But in my opinion, this was not a big issue, anyone interested could have found a bunch of free online resources. It is unrealistic to expect that the course should cover all the accompanying topics, they are just too broad. Consequently, I also had to learn a bit of JavaFX to add a feature for the extension project, and at first, the whole application seemed overwhelming, but in just a couple of days studying the code, I was able to make the necessary changes. Otherwise, the course covers exactly what is described in its description. The only remark I have is the lack of programming assignments in the fourth week. But I am sure this can and will be easily fixed in some of the future course offerings. To conclude, based only on the knowledge I had before the course, and the knowledge I have now, this course deserves nothing less than a 5-star rating.