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As person who has taken a lot of MOOCs and peeked into even more, I must say that this is an absolutely unique course. It is extremely demanding (in fact, I end up spending 10-12 hours a week), but with hard work it can get you from "I sort of remember some calculus concepts" to a mathematical prodigy, seeing math all around you (including your dreams!). So if you're in a sweet spot in terms of your level of calculus, you can gain A LOT. Note of caution: do not enroll in this course if you're not prepared for spending at least 10 hours a week. Do not enroll in this course, if you remember nothing of integrals, differentials and limits, otherwise it will turn out to be terribly frustrating. Even if you already know calculus quite good, you can take from this course deep (and enriched with visual examples) understanding of many concepts, and also learn a lot about applications of calculus. Every lecture includes 'Core' homeworks, recommended for everyone, and 'Challenge' homeworks, suited for people with advanced knowledge (or perhaps for those willing to spend couple of extra hours trying to tear apart advanced concepts). As a separate note: Professor Ghrist (or prof/g for short) has amazing skills at presenting material. Seriously, I bet he spends days to prepare each 15 min lecture piece. As a result, they turn out to be densely packed, highly comprehensible and very visual. Although I sometimes spend an hour to get through 15 min lecture, I very rarely feel that I didn't understand something from the lecture. His teaching is very clear. So I also recommend this course to anybody aiming at creating a MOOC or just teaching students. In my opinion, it is a great example of how it should be done.