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Prior to taking this course, I had high school English plus some University courses, many poetry workshops, and am working as an aspiring poet with some limited success (am published in several print and on-line journals as well as being selected for numerous anthologies. I also read for the Found Poetry Review and do some free-lance editing, both for poetry anthologies and for post-secondary school students, on an ad-hoc basis). I've done distance education via the Internet off and on for years but anything I've taken before comes nowhere close to this course as far as how wonderfully presented it is, how enthusiastic both the professor and the TA's are, how much I'm learning...just everything about it is very top-drawer and while I'm sure I could do the work in the suggested 5-7 hours, I find myself willingly putting in more time (hence the 8-11 cited above) as I enjoy doing as much reading as there is available, and more if I can ferret out other sites. I haven't taken another MOOC so can't compare this one to any others as yet but expect this will be a hard act to follow. Professor Filreis seems to have an uncommon knack of remembering every student that calls in (a really personal touch for the live webcasts that are just that, personal) or that asks questions in the forums. We all joke that he seems to never sleep, but he keeps irregular hours so he's accessible to people all over the world at various times and has made learning such an open experience, I can't praise his influence highly enough. And, I don't think he sleeps much, no joke. The only thing I've found to dislike about the course is that some people have been posting comments under an "anonymous" name,in the forums, and often the comments have been slightly quarrelsome or complaining, sometimes on the verge of offensive. However, one such person mentioned recently that it might be hazardous to post under their name where they are, and it occurred to me that not everywhere in the world do students have the same luxury or freedom as some of the rest of us, to state their opinions freely on any site or topic, so I've decided to back off on this petty complaint now. However, you wondered what I might dislike about the course, so I'm telling you. It seems picayune when measured against so much that's positive. If I haven't made it clear by now, I absolutely think this is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I understand many students take it more than once; I can see myself being one of those. It's that good.