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I took this course to build a solid understanding of Linear Algebra and this course delivers on it. The beauty of this class is that it starts with the the most basic definition, "What is a vector?" and "What is a linear transformation?" and builds everything logically, step by step, on it. (In this regard it is like Euclid's Elements). It is this spirit/way of teaching of the course that makes this course so profound in its impact in giving the right understanding of linear algebra. (For example, now I know why matrix multiplication is defined the way it is defined) I did the class by downloading the pdf from and read the book while doing the videos embedded in the pdf To the instructors: I am thankful to the instructors for the phenomenal amount of effort they put in preparing the book, embedding the videos, back link from answers to the text, and preparing all those slides (they are all made in latex, I guess). It is a true labor of love. If you ever want to improve this class add more real world examples of application of linear algebra, particularly for the second part of the course. Disclaimer: I already have a PhD so my experience with the class might or might not be representative of experiences of other. I listened to most of the video at 1.5x speed.