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It's been almost 20 years since I graduated from college, and I signed up for Al Filreis' Modern & Contemporary American Poetry course not really knowing what to expect. I originally signed up for the class because as a copywriter, I felt like my brain was stale and my creativity had fizzled. We are in the midst of Week #7 and I can't believe it's gone by so fast! I am absolutely amazed and energized by this class. It gives me hope that we still have educators in this world like Al Filreis who is not only passionate about teaching poetry to his 30,000 students across the globe, but he truly cares about us as human beings. We aren't just a number to Al and he is very interactive in the forums and discussions. I don't know when he sleeps! With the support of his wonderful TAs, Al's class is very organized and I have learned so much about modern poetry in the past six weeks. In our class, there are never any stupid questions - he encourages questions and lively discussions. I love the video close reading discussions of the poems and our live webcasts. Al makes us all feel very connected to each other, despite the fact that it's an online class and we are in a virtual classroom. My fellow students are some of the loveliest and most talented people I've met. We all come from different professions, ages, and cultural backgrounds which only enriches the hands-on experience. Our "ModPo" class has truly created a diverse poetry salon community filled with amazing individuals - including a lovely 81 year old Greek gentlemen who has touched our hearts with his beautiful essays about Emily Dickinson. I have always loved learning and education, and while I enjoyed my collegiate experience this class even outshines some of my best college classes. I'm blown away every day - it far exceeds my expectations and then some. I highly recommend this class, especially to those who have always longed to learn more about poetry but were too timid to jump outside the box and take a poetry class - this class is for everyone. You don't need to know about poetry before you take the class. A truly amazing class led by a caring, supportive teacher, Al Filreis and his awesome TAs: Julia, Dave, Amaris, Emily, Anna, Kristin, Ally, Molly, Max, Lily, Steve, Jason...and his awesome tech crew (and everyone at Penn and the Kelly Writers House who supports the class).