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As for my prior experience, I like and eat food on a regular basis. However, I am bombarded with opinions about what is good or bad about a type of food, what diet to follow, or do I need a supplement to complete my health profile, and this course provide numerous working tools resolve these questions. How does this course compare to others? This is my second edX course and I felt better about approaching it. I am still learning how to get the more out of the courses. The discussion-boards are my biggest challenge. I enjoyed the course. In 14 weeks, I was exposed to many ideas new to me, some ideas were re-enforced, and a few of my ideas needed to be replaced with fact. Yes, portions of the course reviewed the basics of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, but getting and understand of food allergies was new along with other approaches to food. I especially appreciated the explanation of how to rate epidemiological reports and asking if the TV doctor has any idea if there is any evidence behind an amazing discovery of the week. I have some handles now on judging the health safety of quite a few food products. Overall the topics were presented clearly and to the point of discussion. I hope there is a future course that keeps us up to date with new health food possibilities.