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I'm a 70 year old OAP , resident in the UK but currently most at home in the world of ModPo now sweeping through the New York School having left behind but not forgotten Emily, Walt, William Carlos Williams, Allen Ginsberg, Niedecker, Cid, Rae, the pre post modernists, HD, Ezra, and Marcel. Then there's Stein, the Baroness, Tristan, Dadaists, Bishop, the anti- modernists, a visit to Harlem and Frost. Did I forget theModernists? Who could forget the Beats? Those of you on/in/up for this course know the exhilaration of the trip we're on, recognise the unobtrusive professionalism of Al and his teams. I say teams because although we see his very able & accomplished team of students/researchers in front of the cameras what lies behind & beyond them? For anyone contemplating taking the course - please do it when it comes round again. You will gain immeasurably in terms of learning about the poets but also about the times they wrote in. You will be moved, saddened, surprised and involved. Al & his team & the poets will take you on an exciting road which you'll not want to get off. What am I going to do when the course finishes? Thanks to everyone associated with putting this together not to forget those of you participating and especially those evaluating my assignments. Thanks for being patient............Vern PS If only you had 10 stars.........