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I am ashamed to admit that coming into this course I had no idea what Lean Production was and was only taking the course as it was part of the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification program that I was interested in obtaining. I could not be happier with myself for taking this course because the information I obtained there has helped me immensely in my work and home life. The material was presented in an easy-to-understand and logical way, with concepts that were learned earlier on in the course becoming applicable again in later sections. Lecture slides were provided, which was nice since I like printing them out and making notes on them while watching the lecture content. While some may feel that this course would only be useful to those working in manufacturing, this could not be further from the truth. Working in IT, I have already applied some of the concepts learned in my daily work such as visual management (shadow board, labelling shelves containing specific equipment) for tools and equipment on-hand, Kanban cards for inventory, and Single Minute Exchange of Die for optimizing installations and processes. I have also implemented the 5S (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) model when it came to organizing my tools and supplies both at home and at work. The instructor, Dr. Holly Ott was one of the best I had ever experienced, coming from an in-class and online university-level course perspective. Not only were her lectures engaging and informative but she showed a genuine interest in the subject matter. She went above and beyond what I would expect from any prof and in addition to providing a great portion of the lectures herself, was also a frequent poster in the discussion forums. The guest lecturers that were brought in were world class experts and it showed. They were able to explain increasingly difficult concepts using basic examples and to me, that is a sign of someone who really knows what they’re talking about! I also wanted to mention that taking good notes in this course is a must since there are so many different concepts being thrown at you that unless you take good notes now, you may be a little bit confused later on. I still sometimes re-read my notes or re-watch a video to get a better grasp on a topic and see if and how I can implement it at work and in my daily life. Thank you, Professor Ott, all of the guest lecturers and TAs, and the rest of the TUM team that worked tirelessly to bring this MOOC to us!