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This course, if you take it at a steady pace (and I mean STEADY: aka 2-3 lessons a day tops) the concepts will start to sink in. Craig is a good instructor, however I get the sense he sometimes forgets he's talking to novices. When that happens, your eyes glaze over and you stop understanding. This is pretty normal however, and if you keep reviewing old videos and challenges it will start to make more sense. The biggest issue I had with this course was the video length. 17:00 minute long videos are NOT effective. There were times when I had to take 2 days to complete a single video because so much was covered. It would be MUCH more effective to split up those videos and add a few more quizzes and challenges. Most minds don't really work well with information dumps lasting more than 10:00 minutes. Some of the challenges were quite hard because of the wording of the question/TODO lists. That got a little frustrating, but if you continue working at them it will eventually make sense. Overall, Java is a very complicated language due to the fact that you're working almost entirely with objects. It's interesting, while the code is much simpler, the logic of it is more complex... especially for someone without any prior experience. Data Structures are by far the most difficult part of Java... the basics are pretty straight forward. Not a lot to improve about the course except for some clarity and the issue of long long videos. I enjoyed it! Thanks Craig!